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Buellton: “The Pea Soup Capital of the World!” Established by the Buell family in 1920 but with history as far back as 1875, the township was originally a ranching town and later became a favored pit stop for food and gasoline by travelers on the famous Highway 101 that spans the length of the entire West Coast of the United States, and runs directly through the Santa Ynez Valley on the way between Santa Barbara to the south and San Luis Obispo to the north. Pea Soup Andersen’s a restaurant started by the local Andersen family, became a traditional stop for many motorists on their journeys with family, due to it’s excellent family dining atmosphere, Inn, and gift shop. Today, the city of Buellton boasts a thriving economy, a city council that has not only a balanced budget but a budget surplus, and excellent community amenities. Its annual events include beer fests, bike races, chili cook-offs, wine tasting events, and much more. The city is considered the most affordable living in the Santa Ynez Valley, and is very centrally located, being crossed by the 101 going north and south, and Highway 246 going East and West. You can truly get anywhere in the valley from Buellton within 10-15 minutes.

Buellton Visitor’s Bureau: http://www.cityofbuellton.com/